Where families explore God's Word together



Superbook Academy:

Your family can join heroes Chris, Joy and robot friend Gizmo as they journey back in time to meet beloved biblical characters and see the truths of Scripture bring rescue and wisdom during the adventures they encounter. Superbook then shows how our heroes apply their newfound insights to challenges they are facing in their daily lives.

Pioneer Club

Wednesday night 6:30-7:45pm

Kindergarten-5th grade: 

This is a scout program that is Bible Based.  

Using pictures to help recall the words, memorizing will be fun & easy.

The badges we will work on this year include: Cooking, International Fun, Trees, Science Fun, Puppets, Using the Bible.

Preschool (Scooters): 

Preschoolers start with the large group, then break off into their own smaller class to learn at their own level.