Here's a short summary of what we believe:
We believe in God
Further, God created us out of love for us. God is actively seeking to having a relationship with each and every one of us. There is only one God but he has three persons: the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit. Does that sound confusing or even illogical to you? That's ok. It's not that important at this stage. The most significant part is that Jesus was and is God. We can try to wrap our minds around the "three persons" thing later.
We believe the world is the way it is because we have chosen to turn away from God
God loved us and created a world free from danger, hardship, worry, and even death. He also gave us minds of our own and the free will to make our own decisions. Without this freedom, we would be robots rather than people and we wouldn't be able to have this discussion. That doesn't mean there isn't one right path for us to follow. Unfortunately, from the very beginning, we decided to turn away from the better path that God pointed us to. As Christians, we call this "sin". Many people think of sin as being just the "really bad stuff" like murder or breaking the ten commandments but Jesus summarized all the commandments into two simple points: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." and "Love your neighbor as yourself". That means that sin includes things like anger, greed, etc ... and every single one of us does those kinds of things. Sin gets in the way of a relationship with God and separates us from the life He offers us.
We believe that Jesus Christ is our only escape from death
Sin separates us from God and the eternal life he gives us. Only Jesus Christ can save us. How do we do get Him to do that? Nothing! There is absolutely nothing we can do that will make us deserving of it, but He offers it freely to anyone who asks to come back to Him. It's a simple concept but it is so difficult to get it because our society tells us every step of the way that the beautiful, the rich, the smart, the strong, the quick, the hardest working get the good stuff. Let's say it again: there is not one single person who deserves this or can achieve this on their own no matter how good they are. It was Jesus' death on the cross 2000 years ago, despite the fact that he was sinless, that won for us the right to be declared "good". Would you like to live? Would you like to reestablish that relationship with the God that made you? We invite you to say the following prayer. There is nothing special or "magic" about the specific words -- it's the meaning behind them. Go ahead and say them. God will hear you.

"Dear Jesus [or God, Lord, etc], I understand now that you are God. I have done a lot of things wrong in my life [some specifics would be good here -- He already knows so you might as well admit them]. Thank you so much for paying the price for my sins. Please save me and be a part of my life."

If you said that prayer (or something like it) and meant it in your heart, Congratulations!!!, you are now a follower of Christ! So what now? The Bible says (and we've found it to be true in our experience) that this is only the first step and to help this relationship to flourish, we need to do a few more things: 1) talk to God regularly -- he cares about you and wants to hear from you, 2) we hope this short summary of our faith helped you but you should read these things in the Bible yourself, and 3) find some other followers of Christ so you can get encouragement from them. Attending church services and participating in other activities is the way to go. Look for a church where the people care about you, follow Christ, and look to the Bible for guidance. We would love to pray for you, just email and let us know if your request should be kept confidential. Otherwise, we will spread the word to a group of others in the church that like to pray for others.
If you're not yet ready to make the commitment, we encourage you to not avoid the question. See it through to a decision. If you have some questions, email or call 248-628-1203. Try attending church so you can hear more about Christ from some others. We would love to pray for you, just email and let us know if your request should be kept confidential. Otherwise, we will spread the word to a group of others in the church that like to pray for others.
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