Growth Groups

Adults of any age and in every stage of life are welcome to attend the various classes we offer at OFM. If you're a seasoned church-goer, new to Christianity or just trying to figure out what church is all about, there is something available for you!

  • The Power of the Holy Spirit                          Sundays 9:30 - 10:15

    Taught by Gayann Reynolds                                                                                     in the Chapel

    Come and learn the power and purpose of the Holy Spirit. Study the scriptures, watch videos, and discuss the ideas presented in an effort to draw closer to God through the Holy Spirit in our own lives.

  • Quilters for Life                                   1st & 3rd WEDNESDAYs 10am - 2PM

    Quilting - Prayer - Discussion

    Quilters for Life is made up of a group of ladies who make "Loving Lamb" baby quilts for Crossroads Pregnancy Center in Auburn Hills. While we quilt we pray for the babies, for those looking for help and for the workers at the Center. Seasoned quilters or beginners all are welcome and we can even teach you how.

  • Bible In A Year                                      3rd Sunday Even Months

    Bible Readers - By-Monthly Potluck                                                                                 In the Chapel

    We are a group that commits to reading the Bible through in the year (sometimes 2 years). We read independently during our person study or quiet times and come together on the 3rd Sunday of the even numbered months for a potluck lunch after church in the chapel. We share a meal, someone will share a thought or lesson they have received from God in their reading, and then each will update the group about what they have been reading the past 2 months.

  • LADIES BIBLE STUDY                                Tuesdays 10am

    Come and join the Ladies as they study the word of God. We are doing a 5 week study called Be Still. How to encounter God in your quiet time.